Romanian Blackberry Loaf Cake Recipe – Chec cu Mure

The loaf cake with three slices cut of it, on a white rectangular platter with tiny blue lines on it. Each slice is packed with the blackberries which are purple.

In Romania, our desserts are cherished. When a more complex cake isn’t feasible due to a lack of time, we opt for a “chec”. Essentially, it’s a loaf cake, simple to whip up with various filling options. The classic version is vanilla-based. Yet, it can be enriched with cocoa, walnuts, chocolate, or hazelnuts. There’s also […]

Romanian Pasca Recipe – The Most Traditional Romanian Easter Dessert

A grey plate with the round cake on it, sprinkled with icing sugar. Around the plate there is a yellow tea towel

I was introduced to the Easter Pasca quite late in life, when I was already a teen. We always had plenty of dishes on the Easter dinner table, so my mom never cooked this extra dessert, which requires a lot of time. Until one year, when she made the traditional version of this Romanian Pasca […]

Romanian Cozonac Recipe: Taste the Country’s Most Traditional Dessert

The cozonac sat on a wooden board, with a slice cut open, flat on the board. You can see the cocoa and walnuts filling inside, which looks like a swirl through the sweet bread

Making cozonac is a labour of love. This is because it takes time, patience, and a lot of precision to make Romania’s most traditional dessert. And its presence is compulsory at holiday or celebration meals. This Romanian cozonac recipe takes time to make, but the end result is so worth it. Cozonac is a sweet bread […]