The Most Delicious Classic Romanian Cakes

A chocolate cake in a round shape, with an almond twirl on top. It sits on a black square plate.

The most classic of Romanian cakes are those delicious little bites that you find in the confectionery shops. Growing up, going to the confectionery shop and having to have a cake was an often occurrence. In fact, confectionary shops played a very important role in the social life of the country. It wasn’t just parents […]

How to Make Romanian Papanasi – Papanasi Recipe

Papanasi is one of my favourite Romanian desserts. They are also some of the most popular on the menus of the traditional Romanian restaurants around the country. Whilst making Romanian papanasi might seem complicated, you will be surprised to know that it is actually very, very easy. This papanasi recipe is decadent and delicious, and […]

How to Make Romanian Raisin Cookies – Fursecuri cu Stafide Recipe

A brown ceramic bowl filled with flat, raisin cookies

When I think about the Romanian raisin cookies, I have a smile on my face. They remind me of the end of the school year when my grandparents would come to visit and see me receive my diploma for my accomplishments that year. They always bought raisin cookies and Joffre cakes with them and would buy […]